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Inside Andreea Anghel’s artworks

       In the same place obscurity and color explosion as well as their different sensations can be found and felt. Besides, in different vehicles: from paintings to drawings and even a walk on installations; new media.

imageUntitled IIII  // Drawing mounted on thick cardboard panels with ragged edges.. Part of a series of complementing small pieces. (via)

       Born in Romania, the artist Andreea Anghel makes our eyes dancing in a scenario of distinct feelings, color variations and techniques. She’s a Bachelor of Graphic Arts and nowadays she’s studying for Master’s Degree in Experimental Graphics and Visual Arts at ASP Wroclaw, Poland.

image"Ascension" // Charcoal on canvas, photo print on plexiglass. 150 x 167 cm. 2012.

Her art personality is based on crumbled faces, dirty and clean figures; people are predominant. On the facial expression of her faces live the mystery and the fear that can be found in black and white or on the use of mild colors.

imageUntitled III // Drawing mounted on thick cardboard panels with ragged edges.. Part of a series of complementing small pieces.

      There are some art series such as “Missing Piece”, a drawing serie focusing on missing silhouettes that determine key moments of one’s own way of accepting death where she had to analyse her own fears and of different people around her. Also, the work use 3 frame forms: triangle, circle and rectangle, each one representing a singular meaning related to the theme. You can read about it clicking here.

image"Passover" // Charcoal on canvas, photo print on plexiglass. 150 x 150 cm. 2012.

imageAcceptance” // Charcoal on canvas, photo print on plexiglass. 300 x 150 cm. 2012.

      Aside from drawing, a bland colored and disturbing serie named "Posthumans" which concept is surrealistic peek into the future society aiming the challenge of social and political discourse is outstanding.

image"God’s watching" // Acrylic on canvas. 200 x 108 cm. 2013. (from “Posthumans”.

image"Band of brothers" // Acrylic on canvas. 100 x 70 cm. 2013.

image"Post-tsunami Landscape With Dog" //. Acrylic on canvas. 70 x 90 cm. 2013.

Keep up to date with her artworks on her site, where you can read minutely about each serie and project.
Interested in purchasing, she’s on Saatchi Art.
Information and images via Andreea’s site and adapted by Neutral Feeling.

imageBORăsc” // Mixed media: Antique religious icon, neon framework, plexiglass. 29 x 40 cm.

imageAct Your Age I [ orelsepedophileswillloveyou ] // Drawing, digital intervention. 2011.

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Inside the vital tenderness of Amy Bernay’s paintings

   ”Landscapes of personal interaction; poems to the love of line”:
image                                    "Happy Hour"

      That’s the defition found when the name of the artist Amy Bernays is discovered.
The essence of love, life and leisure are the main themes noticed on her paintings with the non-linguistic conversation, such as gossip, gesture and body action; they’re even personal.

image                                   ”Garden games”

The painting below called “Garden games” is described by the painter as a “portrait of a family of sorts. Aside from the truth in art factor that this is my family. And a hodge-podge of one at that. The little girl focused on herself, poised. And yet leaning in slightly to the others, in need of everything they say. And the little boy is focused on the rope. On things other than people, on the inanimate. And then there is the man, and the baby hanging in the tree. That before a certain point children are totally in need of someone else. And we put them there, babies in the precarious position of living. And the hammock on the right, like a house made of sticks a metaphor for where we live, or the web of our lives, so flexible as rope. It’s a sunday painting.” (via)

image ”Impending Doom”

image                                "The egg collector"

"When I painted this I had a guest staying who was a surrogate. She was having a baby for a local couple. It made me think about husbandry, and reproduction. The eggs that she (me) holds in her dress are scrotal. The painting says more that I think I can." (via)

image                                                      ”First lines”

image                                                 ”Sunset Dance”

Interested in purchasing and in knowing more about her artworks, visit Amy’s profile on Saatchi Art.
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image                                                "Pink bitch"

image                                                 "My Pink LA House"

The genuine symbolism of A. Nigh Herndon

      Through the clean and the cold with a limited palette that reflects symbolism, Herndon’s paintings consist in a new patch to contemporary portraits.

image"Trimurtic Composition No.004, (Standardized, Cubical, And Ideally Suited)"

      Aiming to attain his vision, he goes from oil to sauce; acrylic to pastel and works with a universe of different materials as oil stick, graphite, charcoal, etc.
Theories of Still, Twombly and even Kandinsky are his main influences.

image                                “trimurtic composition no.023, 
                                       (cinco figuras de la noche)”

image                                                     ”POLA”

image            “Trimurtic composition no.003 (ghosts: forget to remember)”

image"Trimurtic composition no.002 (textural variations of the human face)"

     Herndon’s profile at Saatc
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image                   ”Trimurtic composition no.018, (sing me to sleep)”

image                                ”trimurtic composition no.017”

Aside from physical limitation, by Brian Goggin.

de·fen·es·tra·tion (dēˌfenəˈstrāSHən)

the act of throwing a thing or especially a person out of a window.

Chairs, lamps, tables, grandfather’s clock, couches, a refrigerator: everyday and ordinary objects flood out of windows like escapees, up and down the walls, onto the fire escapes and off the roof, out onto available ledges. I.e. defenestration.

Developed by Brian Goggin with the help of over 100 volunteers, the concept of this project, which literally means “to throw something out of windows”, is expressed by both the site and staging of this installation. Based at the corner of Sixth and Howard Streets in San Francisco in an abandoned four-story tenement building, the place is part of a neighborhood that faced economic defiances and has often endured the stigma of skid row status. 

The laid-back feature and the simple beauty of these forsaken objects is reawakened through the action of the piece. Moreover, the raw fact of “throwing something out” turns into an uplifting gesture of release and encourages reflection about the spirit of the places in which we live, the people we live with and the objects we find out. The interaction with landscapes created by Goggin overcome the physical limitations of free standing sculpture and traditional framed painting. He has been creating public artwork, sculpture and installations using non traditional locations and an universe of materials. Defenestration was Goggin’s first attraction that provided him national attention. 

                                              // ABOUT BRIAN GOGGIN

Goggin studied Literature, and Fine Art at Cambridge University in England, and San Francisco State University. Besides “Defenestration”, he’s responsible for installations. The most recent is “Caruso’s Dream”, featuring glass pianos hanging off the side of a building inspired on Enrico Caruso, Italian tenor, in partnership with Dorka Keehn. (via

                                                                   photo via

                                         // BEYOND “DEFENESTRATION”

                                         ”Climbing Frenzy” // 1993
                    (a tornado of tables furiously climb over each other)

                                 ”Language of the Birds” //  2006-2008
                                          Brian Goggin with Dorka Keehn

More works:

Candor on paper, by Dominique Vangilbergen.

     Garnished simplicity: a piece of paper and a pencil. These are all the tools Dominique Vangilbergen needs to bring his Paradise People alive. When seen for the first time, Vangilbergen’s works appear to be silent. However, when they’re seen closely, our eyes can see the clamorous feature and how much communication there’s. 

image                                 ”The opera #6”

Dominique Vangilbergen tries to put the individual (animal or human) in mass culture. There’s no judgment, just resport. Where does the viewer stands in this society? How do we all interprete the information overload? These questions are why DV’s images could be an alternative for the status of media-photography. (via)

image                                “Shadow #3”

Besides pen-blue work, the intense subtility and symbolism dwell the universe of his drawings that guide the viewer to reflect about the place in his/her society, simultaneously giving his own very personal interpretation of the world we live in.

image                                  "She&Him"

image                       ”The garden_restrait”


image                           "The glass house 1#/2#"

image                         ”The Mountain”

image                        ”She&them”

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Exhibition with works by Salvador Dalí will be displayed for the first time in Brazil.

image  Brazil will have the chance to see for the first time the surrealism of Salvador Dalí closely through an exhibition wich happens from May 30 to September 22 at CCBB-RJ (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil), in Rio de Janeiro curated by Montse Aguer, who says: "We want to display the surrealist Dalí, but also one that anticipates your time, that is audacious and that defends the freedom of the artist’s imagination in creating their own work. At the same time, the exhibition walks through the artistic and personal journey of Salvador Dalí."
The event was negotiated during five years in order to be displayed in Brazil.



   The exhibition features around 150 Salvador’s works interspersing personal documents, objects, oil paintings, books and other pieces of his oneiric and whimsical universe; these are part of the Dalí Theatre-Museum collection in Figueres (Dalí’s hometown, Spain), Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg and the Queen Sofia Museum in Madrid. There will be a lecture with Montse Aguer on may 30 at 6:30pm on the fourth floor auditorium.

image                       Dalí Atomicus, photo by Philippe Halsman

 Emphasizing the Surrealist period that consolidated the uniqueness of Dalí’s artistry, the exhibition covers the most creative phases of Salvador. 
In October, the exhibition will be displayed on Tomie Ohtake Institute, in São Paulo.

image                          The great masturbator // 1929

image                       Narcissus metamorphosis // 1937

You can watch a video of Montse Aguer talking about this here:

See more information here.

Metropolitan Museum Initiative provides free access to 400,000 digital images

“Through this new, open-access policy, we join a growing number of museums that provide free access to images of art in the public domain. I am delighted that digital technology can open the doors to this trove of images from our encyclopedic collection.”

Mr. Campbell’s words, Director and CEO of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, announcing that more than 400,000 high-resolution digital images of public domain works in the Museum’s world-renowned collection are able to be downloaded directly from the Museum’s website for non-commercial use (including in scholarly publications in any media) without a fee and without the permission from the museum. This initiative is called Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC).

image                          "The steerage" // Alfred Stieglitz

image           ”Landscapes” // Gong Xian (Chinese, 1619–1689)

image"Woodblock for Samson Rending the Lion" // Albrecht Dürer (German, Nuremberg 1471–1528 Nuremberg)

imageCamera Work, Nos. 49–50 // Alfred Stieglitz (American, Hoboken, New Jersey 1864–1946 New York)

imageYoung Man in the Costume of a Majo // Édouard Manet (French, Paris 1832–1883 Paris)

image      Kneeling Female Figure (15th–early 16th century)

See the collection online:

Additional information about OASC, click here. Metropolitan Museum also provides a FAQ including simple instructions to identify the Open Access for Scholarly content on their website. You can read it clicking here.

Afghanistan seen by Steve McCurry: Exhibition at the Beetles + Huxley Gallery

image  “Young Men Train For War”, Nangahar; Afghanistan, 1984.

Born in Philadelphia, Steve McCurry has registered civil wars and international conflicts, working throughout Asia. However, he established himself as a photographer in Afghanistan.
Internationally known for the photo of a young and orphan green-eyed Afghan girl that was the cover of National Geographic Magazine in 1984, McCurry returned there several times over a 30 year career and set up an archive of images that brings an alternative point of view of a country destroyed by war.

image      Camel caravan, southern Afghanistan, 1981.

Steve’s Afghanistan can be seen at an exhibition at the Beetles + Huxley Gallery in London from 12 May-7 June. Click here and keep up to date.


An exhibition celebrating Steve McCurry’s ongoing relationship with Afghanistan’s people, culture and landscape.
A rare chance to see powerful photographs from the archive of this legendary photojournalist, documenting the rich history of a troubled, yet beautiful country.

In 1978 Steve McCurry travelled to Pakistan as a young freelance photojournalist looking for stories. It was here and then that he met the first of many Afghan refugees, who encouraged Steve to travel with them to their country to help tell the story of a conflict between US backed Mujahideen rebels and the Soviet backet Afghan Government, a conflict that was to develop into a bloody 9 year long war that would take the lives of over 1 million Afghans. (…)”  

 Father and daughter at home, Kamdesh, Afghanistan, 1992

Children work in an opium field in Badakhshan, which is Afghanistan’s largest producer of opium, Afghanista,1992.

Bamiyan Mosque, Afghanistan, 2006.

The Blue Mosque at Mazar i Sharif, 1991.

image                       Kuchi nomads at prayer, near Kandahar, 1992.


Blurred and fragile reality, by Jesùs Leguizamo

"… I want to demystify the reality of the representation of the face; I think I’m against the language of beauty…"
                                                                            (Jesus Leguizamo)

image             ”El Sueño” // Oil on paper 

       In order to show the portrait of modernity and the fragility of human being, Colombian painter Jesùs Leguizamo modifies the body representation by his blurring reality, deformed through the eloquent use of oil. Describing his own work, he says that this physiological transformation of the face and body have photography as starting point, which according to him is the image of the modern man.

Read the interview that Jesùs granted to Neutral Feeling:

NF: Erased and blurred faces are your main choices. Does this facial distortion have a specific meaning? Where did it come from?

Jesùs: It’s to remove the historical portrait, I want to demystify the reality of the representation of the face; I think I’m against the language of beauty. I think it is the sensitivity of contemporary man; the denial of his face.

image               ”La Comunión” // Oil on wood 

NF: And are you inspired by some names that use this aesthetics or by some that use different ones? Could you give examples?

Jesùs: I looked much paint, classic and contemporary painters; My main references are Bacon, Richter, Kanevsky. They show their work that painting is something material departure from nerves, from the depths of the human being. But I try to stay away from these influences and create something of their own.

image    ”La Anunciación” // Oil on Paper

NF: Do you think the scenario of your country intervenes in your paintings’ universe? If it does, how?

Jesùs: I think the scenario in which I live is very influent; really try not reflect them in my work. My painting has a global influence.
I like to browse images from around the world for internet and find a resemblance in many events that happen in my country. I try not to have a direct influence, I think I like to take ideas of cinema, painting and creating something particular.

image                   "Mascara I"

image                  Portraits II and III, respectively.

NF: You say that your artwork aim to explore the human fragility. Is it associated to your choice by blurred canvas?

Jesùs: …is a reference to the fragility of the current time. The painting reflects the image of the historical moment, my painting is a metaphor of his face.

image            Untitled // Oil on paper

image         ”The therapy” 

Interested in knowing Jesùs work deeply ou in purchasing them, click here. You can find his page on Facebook.
Images from Jesùs profile on Saatchi Art and his blog.

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image     ”The breath” // Oil on canvas

image        “Holy” // Oil n paper

image         ”Dissolution” // Oil on paper

Thinkspace and Urban Nation: “LAX / TXL” and Project M/4.

Project M/4, founded by Yasha Young of arts platform Urban Nation Berlin, aims to break the idea of a traditional gallery. Street-facing windows, the use of the exterior walls and building inside the Berlin art space for installations, murals and artworks studio. Also, Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace, LA gallery, was invited to curate the group show “LAX/TXL” featuring an large list of big names and noteworthy up-and-comers in New Contemporary art, street art and beyond.
Coming up on May 17th ‘till July 12 ‘2014.


The building’s large windows will be filled with work by Nosego, Andrew Shoultz, C215, Alexis Diaz (aka La Pandilla), Curiot, Fernando Chamarelli, Glenn Barr, Word To Mother, Joao Ruas and Low Bros. 

Here’s the line up with links directing to the artistic pages of each one:

Aaron Nagel, Adam Caldwell, Alex Yanes, Alexis Diaz (aka La Pandilla), Allison Sommers, Amy Sol, Andrew Hem, Andrew Schoultz, Anthony Clarkson, Ariel DeAndrea, Bec Winnel, Brendan Monroe, Brett Amory, Brian Mashburn, Brian M. Viveros, Bumblebee, C215, Camilla d’Errico, Carl Cashman, Christine Wu, Craig ‘Skibs’ Barker, Cryptik, Curiot, Dabs Myla, Dave MacDowell, David Cooley, Derek Gores, Ekundayo, Erica Rose Levine, Erik Jones, Fernando Chamarelli, Frank Gonzales, Glenn Arthur, Glenn Barr, James Marshall (aka Dalek), Jeff Ramirez, Jeremy Hush, Joanne Nam, Jolene Lai, Keita Morimoto, Kelly Vivanco, Kevin Peterson, Kikyz 1313, Kyungyup Kwon, Linnea Strid, Luke Chueh, Mari Inukai, Meggs, Mike Egan, Nosego, Paul Barnes, Paul Romano, Pixel Pancho, Rodrigo Luff, Ryan Hewett, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Sarah Joncas, Seth Armstrong, So Youn Lee, Word To Mother, Yoskay Yamamoto, and Yosuke Ueno.

image                                                  Kikyz1313

image                                                   Ekundayo

image                                              Andrew Schoultz

image                                                 Amy Sol

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